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Qualified and Prompt Materials Testing

Southwestern Construction Materials Testing, Inc. (S.C.M.T) offers materials testing in the Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana area. S.C.M.T. provides quality testing services to meet requirements outlined for the specific project specifications. If weather permits we usually can get to our clients within 24-48 hours.  In fact, we can often book you an appointment for the very next day after you call.

Materials Testing

S.C.M.T. offers the best in materials testing, making sure that your materials meet the specifications of your project. Our tests reveal if the given material is, for example, suitable for building a structure with. We also offer LA DOTD concrete plant and job site services, as per the state requirements. Our wide range of materials testing services includes:

• Post-Tension Inspection
• Fireproofing
• Structural Steel Tests
• Piling and Inspection
• Aggregates (Base Cores in Concrete)
• Mechanical Analysis
• Grain Size Tests
• Moisture Tests
• Atterberg Limits
• Soil pH
• Concrete Cylinder Break Tests

Business Protocol

Please note that we require our clients to email us specifications or plans of any proposed project. If they are a new vendor, they are required to complete a credit application. 


Soils and Aggregates


Quality Control testing of soil and aggregate for acceptance. Includes: Grain Size Analysis, Atterberg Limits, Sieve Analysis, Moisture/Density Curves...etc.


Testing for Moisture and Percent Density, by Nuclear, Sand Cone, or Drive Ring methods during structural fill placement. Certified Embankment Technicians to monitor and perform Quality Control tests during Base Course and Subgrade stabilization procedures. Bearing Pressure testing of subgrade soils. Shallow depth Borings. 



Design of concrete mixtures. Compressive strength testing of cylindrical specimens. Flexural Strength of cast Beams.


Quality Control testing for Air Content, Unit Weight, Yield, Slump, Molding of concrete test specimens, inspection of Post Tensioned Cables, Drilled Shafts, Pile Driving, and Concrete Coring.



Testing for Absorption, Unit Weight, and Compressive Strength of Concrete Masonry Units and Masonry Prizms.


Inspection during Masonry construction. Quality Control testing for Flow Rate, Slump, and Air Content. Molding of test specimens for Compressive Strength.



Certified Portland Cement Concrete Technician to design concrete mixtures, perform mix adjustments at Batch Plant, and to perform Quality Control tests during placement at the Jobsite.


Certified Soils and Embankment Technician to perform Quality Control testing during Embankment construction and Base Course and Subgrade stabilization activities.

Structural Steel

Verification of high stength bolted connections, Torque Wrench calibration, and Non-destructive testing of field welds.

Recent Projects Completed

  • Chennault Industrial Airpark Authority - Hangar H Contract C
  • Chennault Industrial Airpark Authority - New Technology Building
  • Lake Charles Regional Airport - New Terminal Building
  • Port of Lake Charles - New Administration Building
  • Port of Lake Charles - Ship Berth 1
  • Belle Savanne Apartment Homes
  • LGN Facility - Hackberry La.
  • Sasol - Heavy Haul Road
  • Charter School of Southwest Louisiana
  • Interstate 210 Cover Lane Interchange Improvements
  • City of Lake Charles - 1st Avenue Reconstruction
  • Courtyard by Marriot
• Sowela Technical Institute

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